Yo, listen up, I’ve got some knowledge to drop,

From contracts to gang activity that won’t stop.

First up, we’ve got the contract wiki,

It’s your ultimate legal guide, so don’t be fickle.

Next, we’ll talk about verbal harassment law in the Philippines,

Understanding your rights, it’s something we should all seize.

Now, what legal rights does a live-in girlfriend have?

Legal expert answers await, so be brave and be brave

If you’re wondering about a standstill agreement in law,

Here’s the definition and significance, with no flaw.

Need trusted legal representation and advocacy?

Visit the Kraus Law Office, it’s no fallacy.

Employment law has a 2-year rule that you should know,

It’s not just for show, so let’s make a strong row.

Ever heard of the Franks Committee in administrative law?

Understanding their role will leave you in awe, no flaw.

Wondering about the legitimate purpose legal definition?

It’s a comprehensive guide, so pay attention, no need for repetition.

When it comes to towing rules and regulations,

Know your rights and responsibilities, no need for imitations.

Lastly, let’s talk about gang activity and legal consequences,

It’s no joke, so listen up and take a bunch of mental stances.

So there you have it, legal jargon in a rap,

Don’t just clap, take action and fill your legal gap.

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